Welcome Travellers!

We’ll flesh this out more as we go, but for now feel free to take a look around, add anything that you think might be useful, or change anything you think could be better.

Take a gander at the local attractions. We have an adventure log right over here that could use some attention. There’s also a page for house rules, which is still under construction. I’m trying to set up a page for general reference information. We may want to split it out into multiple pages, if it gets too long, but I also wasn’t planning on going into this much detail. I may go back later and try to give it a pass for brevity.

I’ve also set aside a little bit of space for playing around with formatting in case it’s useful to anybody. Don’t worry about making things look pretty, though. This is meant to be quick reference information so that we can keep the story straight, and a place for me to keep my notes together. We’re not building an art exhibit here. If a bullet-point lists are what work for the adventure log, then let’s go with that.

Given that google exists, I really don’t see us using the forum or calendar. The rest should be helpful, though.


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