Quick Reference

Not that this is the best (or most immersive) way to clarify rules mid-game, but sometimes it may be handy.



Actions per Round (phb 189-190)

  • 1 Action
  • 1 Reaction
  • 1 Interaction
  • 1 Bonus Action
  • Movement

Common Actions (phb 192)

  • Attack / Cast a Spell
  • Dash (double move)
  • Disengage (no opportunity attacks)
  • Dodge (attackers have disadvantage, you have advantage on Dex saves)
  • Help (grant an ally within 5’ advantage)
  • Hide
  • Ready (prepare an action to jump in later in the round, on a set trigger)
  • Search
  • Use an object (beyond 1 simple interaction per turn)
  • Drinking or administering a potion (phb 153)

Common Reactions

  • Opportunity attacks (when a creature leaves your melee range without disengaging
  • Readied actions (when you have an action readied, and the trigger occurs)

Common Interactions

  • Draw or sheathe a sword
  • Open a door
  • Pick something up
  • Put something somewhere
  • Hand something to someone else
  • … you get the idea

Common Bonus Actions

  • Special abilities and spells

Special Movement

  • Stand up from prone (1/2 of your total movement)
  • Crawl, move across difficult terrain (2x movement)
  • Move through another creature’s space (friendly, or 2 sizes larger or smaller than you, 2x movement)

Death and Dying

Instant Death (phb 197)

  • If there’s enough leftover damage after dropping you to 0 hp to equal your total hp, you die outright.
  • You do not need to track negative hp. Either a single attack will kill you, or it won’t. Everything else is handled by death saves.

Death saves

  • You roll a death save if you start your round at 0 hp
  • You do not add any stat bonuses to a death save
  • On a Natural 20, you regain 1 hp and can take the rest of your turn
  • On a 10-19, you mark one success
  • on a 2-9, you mark one failure
  • on a 1, you mark two failures
  • If you take damage, you mark 1 failure (2 if it’s a critical hit)
  • Three failures and you’re dead
  • three successes and you’re stable, but unconscious (regain 1 hp after 1-4 hrs, start making saves again if you take more damage)

Quick Reference

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