Setting out for Welund
Trouble brews in Durendal

After the events in the mine, the triumphant party began wandering back towards Neverwinter for some well earned relaxation. It may have been the relief of being back out under the clouds and the stars, or the satisfaction of having succeeded at cleansing the mines of their taint of evil, but the journey back to town felt almost tranquil.

After several days of taking in what pleasures The Jewel of the North had to offer, you began to grow restless. As though summoned by your collective lust for adventure, your stay in town was quickly interrupted by the arrival of a familiar face in town, almost certain to be bringing trouble close behind him. Damorak has found his way back to town. None of you has crossed paths with him since you last parted ways at the docks of Neverwinter. You hadn’t known each-other then, but by either fate or serendipity, you all found your way to this land aboard The Vanishing Vixen.

When he greets you, Damorak informs you that you’re needed back in the shattered empire of Durendal, in your homeland of Welund. He doesn’t have all the details yet, but he indicates that a trusted friend of his warns of clans of lizardfolk uniting under the banner of some self-appointed vessel of their god, and has implied that there may be more to these events than what the local guards presume. With the land still recovering from the fall of Emperor Roland one and a half centuries ago, and with such heavy infighting still persisting between the noble houses, there are worries that some of the smaller villages in the area may be in danger.


He tells you that he’ll be setting sail in a few days, and suggests that you gather what you need from the city before then.


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