Copper Dragon-born Sorceress, Dragon Magic


Dragon-born Sorceress
Copper Dragon= Acid

Strength: 15 (2)
Dexterity: 13 (1)
Constitution: 16(3)
Intelligence: 11 (0)
Wisdom: 6 (-2)
Charisma: 18 (4)

AC: 16
Hit Points: 39
Lvl: 5
Hit dice: 5
Speed: 30ft
Alignment: Neutral

Staff of Defense +1 AC ( with an orb on top)
-10 charges
Mage Armour 1 charge
Shield 2 charges
- the staff regains 1D6 +4 charges each day at dawn. If you expand the last charge, roll D20, on a 1 it is destroyed.


Meta Magic:
- Careful Spell
- Twinned Spell

4th level feat:
Spell Sniper



I was experimented on as a child by another dragon with higher powers. I got infused with his blood and it left me with these powers. I have been embracing them and learning about the powers and getting good at them. I have been on a mission/quest to find this dragon ask him questions, learn about him and find out why me. Along my way i run into the party, i decided to venture with them helping them but at the same time looking for this silver dragon who gave me his blood and powers.

During my ventures with this party i have been able to find out some information about the silver dragon whos powers i have. I went to talk to Sister Garaele an agent of the Harpers Guild, she has the necessary resources to get the info i need, however she needs my help with something first. I went on the Mission Sister Garaele gave me to go and Visit Agatha’s Lair in Neverwinter woods.

I was able to persuade Agatha with a jeweled Silver Comb to give the location of a spell book Sister Garaele needed. I took this information back to Sister Garele and she gave me some more pieces to the puzzle.


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