Ceira of Odur

Cleric of the Light, wild magic sorcerer


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18 14 15 12 11 11
cleric lvl/sorcerer lvl HP AC mvm’t
4/1 32 17 30

- 1 AC breastplate with golden inlay design of a dragon. +1 to save vs dragon breath.
- studded leather armour
- shield
- Lightbringer, +1/
1 mace (does an extra d6 Radiant dmg vs undead). You can choose to allow it to shine light as a torch. Mace intended for a follower of Lethander.
- Arcane Focus is a crystal necklace with bearing the haute relief design of Odur’s blazing sun.


Raised by her elder brother on the streets of Neverwinter, Ceira became unwittingly involved in an attempt to summon an entity of unspeakable power. She incurred burns from Odur’s cleansing of the man conducting the ritual, and fled back to the dark corners of the street, believing Odur would strike her down as well, if he learned she had survived.

Her brother having been arrested for theft the year prior, and then mysteriously disappearing with no trace along with the guards who had apprehended him, Ceira was alone with her fear. She soon realized that there is no hiding from a god, so she went to the Temple and threw herself on Odur’s mercy, pleading to be allowed to redeem herself with lifelong service.

Dedication to the Temple did little to lessen Ceira’s fears of Odur’s wrath being turned upon her if he ever realized that she had been involved in the attempted ritual. She worked tirelessly for the priests, who could not convince her that Odur was pleased by her actions. Tormented by her fears, she volunteered immediately for every task no matter how trivial or involve. After she had determinedly put herself forward for yet another lengthy journey the high priest knew would be best suited to someone who could at least hope to defend themself from bandits along the road, the Order decided to obtain for her some combat training with a devout paladin in the palace guard.

Years later, impatient with the continuingly trivial errands she was allowed to perform for the Order despite her training, she was finally granted the opportunity to accomplish something she hoped might be important enough to Odur to count against part of her transgression.

[Insert important assignment here ;)]

Ceira set out on her journey. Neither she, nor the Temple Order, nor the paladin who had trained her, nor even Odur himself suspected anything of the powers that had been transferred to her by the god the night of the attempted ritual, when Odur’s flames had burned Ceira’s face.

Ceira of Odur

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